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29 Mar

As many readers of this blog will know, I am working on I was hoping to have an official launch date of April 16th. I wanted to have a stock of posts, a few videos edited, a number of things ready, tweak a few things here and there. But whatever right? Nothing’s ever going to be perfect. I’m never going to have the perfect website, and I’m always going to look to tweak and redesign everything. So I might as well keep going and try to build up my readership as I go along.

So today is my first official post, Seoul’s 10 Most Famous and Popular Galbi Restaurants. My friend already told me he tried to comment and he got an error. Good that I found out about this asap, rather than later. It would have been the same with an official launch date or not 🙂

So, help me out folks. Retweet, repost, share, like, stumble, whatever your fancy. For folks who want to visit, live in or is just generally interested in Korea:

BTW, most of the posts here are written while I’m home in my jammies, really unkempt, drinking a cup of coffee. Nothing’s ever perfect son!!! 😀


The Making of a Webisode

24 Jul

Monday Night I got to learn again a bunch. There was a filming of a webisode, taken at Mui Mui in Apgujung. It’s designed in that oh-so chic, trendy, upscale Soho style design that Korean women, and social elite are in love with, including outdoor seating, which is where the filming took place.

We got our web manager Yaeri Song to corral her gal pals just to talk about dudes to whole entire night. There was some  smack, I do believe, but in the politeness, most classiest way possible. These girls are straight up classed out to the max! Super supportive, and very encouraging to each other. When they were talking about each other, only the best adjectives, kindest words, and most endearing terms were used. Totally different from what men would be like. Our director said it best… If it was a bunch of dudes talking, they’d be like “You want to know about this m*ther f*cker? Let me tell you something about this c*ck s*cker!”

Was great to watch women just interact together, and also to learn, of course, about the making of a film (or webisode at least). A good sign that I’m learning is the questions that I came away with. Questions of women are too many to count. But I do have a few questions about filming. If anyone would be so kind to enlighten me, please do so!

– Filmed with the light in the shot, not behind. Why? (My guess: intimacy)
– What’s the lamp on the table for?
– There was a gray space on the top and bottom of the camera. What’s that for?
– Since most of the shots were closeups, what kind of headspace was allotted, if at all, and why?
– I saw a few times the camera being zoomed all the way to the closest possible setting, then to the desired shot . Is that for focusing?
– Why was a shotgun mic used in this setting and not lapel mics?