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KoreanAir and Their Ladies

26 Jan

KoreanAir stewardesses to some are somewhat of a status symbol. They have a great job that allows them to travel for extremely cheap, they are considered by some to be the pinnacle of the Korean service industry, and up until a few years ago, they were known to be hired because of their pretty faces (not so much recently). Many men who have a stewardess girlfriend wear it proudly on their sleeve and let the world know. Here’s my economy-level effort to get a number from these first-class servers.

Ok, so I was bored on the plane ride from NYC to Seoul. I usually can’t fall asleep on planes, so I was just reading and watching in-flight BBC documentaries. I tend to get really antsy because I’m a mini-clastrophobic, so usually I just walk around and hang around the back of the plane where I can stretch. About 5 hours left in the flight, I decide I’m going to get a glass a wine. I enjoy it good enough, and it’s letting me loose. I’m bored and I got tons of time left, so I say “what the heck” and decide to start drinking some more. I head to the back where the duty-free shop is (on the new KoreanAir airbus), and just start chatting with the stewardess there. We talked about her life as a stewardess and things we did when we were in New York. We spent about 10 minutes exchanging chit-chat and I discovered that although she wasn’t really my type, she was extremely personable and nice. I had a good time talking to her, but I wanted some more drinks.

I went to the middle section where all the stewardess prepare drinks and food for the passengers. There were two stewardesses there chatting it up on their break time, and I was quietly standing on the side, pouring myself drinks hoping that someone would be down for a conversation. Somehow I ended up talking with this one stewardess who seemed really into me. Asking me all these questions, real good eye-contact and I’m picking up on the subtle hints. We chatted it up some more, and joke around a bit. And although she wasn’t really my type either, I thought I would give it a shot anyway. So I looked for an opening to ask for her number. But by the time I had built up enough liquid courage, they were all getting ready for landing and were too busy. I had no chance to ask for a number, and I was also probably known as the drunk guy. Not a very good situation for a potential number exchange!

I enjoy KAL anytime I fly to New York. They have really smooth rides, in-flight entertainment is up to date, and they have great people working for them. Although there was no exchanging of numbers, I learned these stewardesses are extremely personable and sweet. They’re down for random conversations. And they let me get wasted on the plane. KAL ftw!