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Help from and

10 May

The internet is a great place to collaborate, and I’m lucky enough to have found two great opportunities for collaboration.

For those that don’t know, is the premiere source to learn Korean. Nearly all of their content is free, and they’re run by fantastic people who have a passion for what they do. The head honcho is Hyunwoo Sun, a friend and former colleague of mine. I approached him earlier this year and asked if we could collaborate on something. You know, free work from me while I try to build my web presence and an audience for Now I have the opportunity to work with him and Kyeongeun Choi on He and the crew have been super awesome by sharing my links, and a large chunk of my traffic is coming from Hyunwoo and company’s facebook shares. I am always so thankful to them :). More than anything, what’s really been helpful is the advice I’ve been getting in terms of video work. I’m still learning as I go, but since I have youtube samurais to work with, it’s been extremely helpful for me and my site.

The go-to restaurant review blog in Seoul. It’s been featured in magazines, TV shows, and all that other good stuff. Basically, it’s famous son. I saw that Daniel Gray (Mr. Seouleats) had guest contributors on, so I e-mailed. Eventually we got to meet, and now we’re collaborating together on some digital content. It’d be awesome for me to get a chance to work on some digital content with him before I get started on my own digital content. It’s basically practice. Before you know it, I’ll be pumping out digital goods faster than you can close your wallets!

Thanks again to and Let me buy you some Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream, yo!


Lunch with

25 Feb

Yesterday I visited the office to discuss an upcoming project. It’s a correction service site similar their other site,, except the site ( – facebook page) is geared towards English learners from Korea. I’ll be helping out with the content and with some videos, and it should be a good time had by all 🙂

After talking with Hyunwoo about the details, the crew was about ready to eat lunch. I expected everyone to get up, put on their jackets and head out to some good neighborhood restaurant. That’s how it was in most of the companies I was involved with – in Japan, Korea, America. People would get up at lunch time, and if they didn’t have plans, they would discuss what they would go eat for the day. But instead of bringing up menu options, almost everyone in the TTMIK crew busted out their doshiraks (lunch boxes)! They all set their home made banchan (side dishes) on the table and shared what they had, even with the few folks that had ordered their lunch (including me).

I don’t think this is particularly common, but it’s not uncommon either. Eating out in Korea isn’t too expensive, but of course you’ll save money and probably eat healthier by doing this. I felt like I was in an elementary school cafeteria in Korea, everyone sharing what their mom packed them. It was weird that no one packed kimchi though!

Lunch was a good time to get to know the crew better, and even better cause I got to cop some of their food! haha, jk. But it was an unexpected Korean experience that I thought was pretty old school.  And anything old school and Korean, I like! 😀

Can’t wait for 홍대 삼거리포차 (Hongdae Samgeori Pocha) to reopen so I can get some of their sick 옛날 도시락 (old school lunch box)!