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Why I Love Living in Hongdae

23 Aug

I live in Hongdae, Seoul (see what my apartment looks like over here), and my neighborhood has tons of cool things to do and see. Come here if you’re looking for a salsa club in Seoul, photography lessons or cute cafes in Seoul! Let me know what you think about my hood! šŸ˜‰


Why I Chose Not to Live in Gangnam, and in Gangbuk in Seoul

14 Jun

Gangnam in Seoul is pretty famous. But I don’t live there. It’s really t rendy and cool, but it’s also a bit expensive and, and a bit too new (if you know what I mean).

I enjoy living in the older part of Seoul, which is Gangbuk (North of the Han River). To me, it has a more Korean feel to it, rather than the new, fast and hip modern culture of Gangnam. And although I try to be hip and modern, deep inside I’m really an ajeoshi. So Gangbuk fits me nice and snug šŸ™‚

Where would you guys live? šŸ™‚

12 Year Old Rocking Out in Hongdae

7 Jun

I’m not sure what this kid was doing up at 2AM, but he was dancing like a mad man at Hongdae Children’s Park in Seoul, Korea!

Clubbing in Korea… I Kindaa Miss It

31 May

I admit. I like to have a good time. And sometimes that means having a few drinks and hanging out at a club in Korea. I had a really good time last year, but this year, I’m not hanging out much and mostly focusing on my site, I kinda miss clubbing, but only a little bit. Here’s why:

Clubs in Hongdae

Club NB – Really youthful and energetic, but TOO youthful. I’m 28 (30 Korean age). I can’t hang with them no more.
Tin Pan 2 – Used to go here for a little bit of an older crowd. But I passed by recently, and I’m too old for them too!

Clubs in Gangnam

Club 88 – Things get really crazy, so it’s fun. But I’m not hardcore enough to party like that all the time.
Octogon – Only went here once and would love to go back. But I just can’t afford any type of clubbing at the moment.

I admit, I do miss going out and just having a good time at a club. But I’m broker now, older now and more focused now šŸ™‚ Nearly an adult! Once I start doing my dishes more consistently, I’ll be a full-fledged functioning member of society šŸ˜‰

My Apartment in Hongdae

7 May

Wanted to show everyone my cool apartment in Hongdae, Seoul. Hongdae, for those that don’t know, is a college town in Korea famous for its night life and sub-culture. It’s a waste that I don’t go out much, but at least I have a pretty chill apartment to live in!