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Korean Girls Like to Meet “Naturally” (Or I Think)

19 Apr

This happened not too long ago.

There was this intern at my place of work last year. And I’m pretty sure she was interested in me. I specifically remember on the last day of her internship, she gave me the look. (You know what look I’m talking about.) And although I was always attracted to her, I never really did anything because I was still recovering from my breakup.

But this year, I’m pretty much ok now, and I’m looking to date. So when she visited our office a few weeks ago, I started to think about her again. Cute girl, really nice, smart. Good stuff, you know? I never had her number, and I didn’t even know if she was single or not. So I asked her former supervisor and my co-worker what was up with her. She said she was single, and I thought “nice!” I told my coworker to tell her straight up that I asked if she was single and if I could get her number.

Wrong move. I realized this before this incident, but Korean girls aren’t so good with direct guys. Unless they’re really into you, being too direct won’t work. I may be wrong (and please tell me if I am), but I think Korean girls are more into meeting “naturally” or “comfortably” as opposed to meeting for a specific purpose (because a guy is interested).

What I mean is this: If I just said: “let’s all get drinks together,” my chances of getting her number in person would have been much better than “Hey I’m interested in you. Can I get your number?” It’s a little too direct for Korean girls. This would have been more comfortable, and of  course, comfort is more important. Well at least that’s what I think. Again, if I’m wrong, please let me know!

But I mean, she gave me the look before, and she’s single, so why the heck not???