Shooting with Pros and Friends

16 Apr

As this was my first foray into video, I had no idea what I was doing in terms of filming or even preparing for it. And although I spent weeks preparing for this, I was still unprepared. Fortunately the talent and my friends were very helpful and understanding.

My Production Expert Friend – Jin Min

I mentioned that I was shooting on a facebook post, and a friend I know through my sister said she would be down to help. And I had no idea how much she would! Without any knowledge of the script, or any idea of what I was doing, she instantly made it a more professional production while keeping us all very comfortable. The talent seemed to be relived when she saw someone that actually knew what she was doing!

Jin Min produces videos for a living and collaborates with MtvK on interviews and other such videos. She’s a pro that’ll help bring some cred to your shoots. Check out her site and hit her up with some work offer peoples!

The Talent: Min Songa (민송아)

From my experience, hot girls in Korea (and more specifically girls in the entertainment industry) have what’s called “princess disease” (공주병: a term that basically means they’re full of themselves). So I was actually preparing myself to have to deal with a lot of complaining and judgmental looks. But Songa was extremely cool and understanding of my situation. She was a professional to the fullest. She kept her script with her at all times to keep herself prepared for the next scenes, and she took initiative to change outfits on her own without my direction.

I highly recommend her for any work. She’s not just a pretty face. She’s a professional with acting ability and emcee experience. She also speaks English with a British accent (score!). And on top of that, she’s cool :). Find out more about her at her personal cyworld page.

Personal Friends

Thanks to Howie and Arnold for doing all the little annoying things that only friends would do for free. 😉


One Response to “Shooting with Pros and Friends”

  1. Jennifer Schrader August 31, 2012 at 11:09 AM #

    Hmmm… I’d actually claim Songa speaks English with a New Zealand accent… British with a dash of Australian. So cool that I actually sent a friend a link to one of your videos featuring Songa just so they could hear the accent. Definitely a huge plus; I agree! I could listen to her all day, even if she is too cute by half. 🙂

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