Is Korea the Center of the World?

6 Jul

Obviously it’s not the center of the world. Hawaii is. But it’s still an interesting question to pose since I’ve been here for only 6 months, I’ve seen and met people from all times and places of my life. I’ve met people that I haven’t seen in literally 15 years, people I used to hang out with everyday, people I’ve only met once or twice in my life, and also people that I have never met face-to-face.

People from New York – My friends and family end up here because, well, most of them are Korean. I’m not the main reason (except in my dad’s case), but we end up getting together and hanging for the first time in a long time.

Internet Friends – there’s a bunch of people I met over the internet the past few years. The site I used to work at was of course aimed to teach the Korean language and also culture. So Korea is naturally the place where I would get to meet a lot of Internet buddies.

Friends from Japan – I guess you could say a big chunk of my world in Japan was somewhat related to Korea. Although I could communicate in Japanese a bit, sometimes Korean is obviously much more comfortable. So I made quite a few friends that were either Korean, or they were intrigued to some degree of Korea.

So I guess the answer is yes, Korea is the center of the world, or at the least, my world. Most of my friends are Korean, and/or they are interested in Korea in some way or another. The nexus of the universe.

So if you’re in Korea, give me a holla!


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