Be Kind & Work Hard

10 May

Recently, I’ve been really trying to figure out what kind of business I can run on my own. This is a pretty hard task. But on top of not necessarily knowing what I would specifically like to do and just having a lot different unrelated ideas that I could do (see: quarter-life-crisis), I’m also trying to figure out myself in a personal sense.

This blog is a perfect example of what I’m going through right now. It is so unfocused, and undefined, it’s useless to others. But in that sense, it’s still a personal blog. And the fact that I just have one up is a step in the right direction.

I’ve been learning a lot the last few months. Just from reading other blogs and books. Most of these stress the same thing. Hard work, and determination. I’ve always been a hard-worker (well, at least when I cared about my work). And working for myself, hoping to run a business on my own, or do my own thing should be an even greater motivator than working for someone else. What I am lacking now is simply direction.

However, another thing that I heard, interestingly enough from Conan O’Brien, is to be kind. This is something a good friend, and my father has also told me. Be kind to other people and good things will happen. I see this happening to both my friend and my father. I’m still struggling to change myself to make this happen. Not that I’m not a kind person. It’s just that I’m more selfish than kind.


One Response to “Be Kind & Work Hard”

  1. julinetteg November 15, 2012 at 10:17 AM #

    헐! I feel a little teary reading this entry because I felt like I was talking to a mirror. I can relate to this entry, now I’m starting a new path with a new dream but I’m still brainstorming the ideas and focus and I know that I have to work hard to achieve my set goals but since I’m starting my personal blog I feel is useless and like preaching in a desert like forever alone.

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